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I am inspired by the criminal, the cultural and the curious. The thread that runs through my practice is the desire to know why people do what they do. Or rather, did what they did.


A lifelong fascination with lesser-known aspects of social history, anthropology, museological presentation, surreal marriages of objects and thoughts, and the darker side of life incites my work, through which I am often drawn to imply an invisible touch of transferred ownership.


As a perfectionist, I notice imperfection. I love the patina of age, the wear and tear that shows an object has lived a life, the aftermath of merciless insects... destructive people. The materials and techniques I use are determined by concept, and have initiated work in a diverse range of both. Making stuff is in my blood; whether I am painting dead men’s words on hoods, carving stone or weaving a wedding cake out of hair.


I have combined words and images all my life, as an art director, scriptwriter and an artist. The narratives I produce are presented with conviction and consideration, and rooted in considerable research. In doing so I aim to lift the thin veil between past and present, traditional and contemporary to exist in an almost timeless space; where centuries of hopes and fears are probed, plundered and repackaged to challenge and comfort, provoke thought and inspire.


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